• WGL is on the fast track of growth and looking to expand its businesses to a great extent.
  • To eliminate long gestation periods and high capital investments, we consider brown field expansions to nurse the industry to a robust position by providing managerial and technical expertise and at the same time contributing significantly to the turnover by entering newer markets with a wider range of products.
  • The Group is continuously exploring opportunities for acquisition of quality Spinning Units in and around its core area of operations viz. Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.
  • To nurse to good health the recently acquired Spinning Unit in Rajasthan and increase the operating spindleage to aggregate 150,000 spindles to produce 40000 MT of yarns per annum (approx.) to increase turnover aggregating to approx. US $ 120 million (₹ 700 crores).
  • The Group regularly continues to research and develop yarns for various industrial uses
  • The Group foresees a large, untapped demand for the export of technical textiles and high-value, high-end industrial use speciality yarns viz. Carpet Backing, Webbing, Sandwich Cloth, Automotive Fabric, Industrial Sewing Thread, Hose Pipe, Belting Segment Belt, Canvas Backing and Home Furnishing. Hence, the Group is also working on the development and marketing of such yarns.
  • The yarn finds end use in both the knitting and weaving sectors of the textile industry.
  • With a wider product range, the company's markets, both domestic and international, will get a substantial boost in terms of turnover.

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